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Teishin - Japanese Meridian Therapy non-insertion Needles

The top three needles have matte finishes for better visibility. They do not photograph as well in their shiny state. The fourth needle down is highly polished. It also has what I call the 'bullet' Yang end and is different than the top three. The bullet has more of an oval tip with a point that is pointed, but not very sharp. All the tools I ship are highly polished.

The next image shows a detail of the yin ends on the 2.5 mm thick teishin:

Next image shows a closeup of the Yang ends on 2.5 mm teishin:

A pair of 2.5mm x 64 mm teishin:

Please Email me: to place your orders.

Please list your orders like this: "Classic Sterling 64mm x 2.5mm teishin - Six Pieces" - It helps me if you note the dimensions as well as the style name. This way we are both sure of what metal, how long and how thick the teishin is supposed to be.
Classes: Please coordinate your orders through one person and allow them to send it to me in order to qualify for the student discount.

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