Chuck Hunner is a craftsman with 47 years experience.

I started making cups and bowls on the potter’s wheel in 1970. Looking for more refinement, I began learning silver smithing in 1972. By 1978 I briefly taught diamond setting and gold smithing.

Jewelry making has been a life long passion for me. The precision, precious materials, and technology required to make fine jewelry has always attracted.

In 1998, I met Richard Feather Anderson in Naples, Florida. He introduced me to labyrinths.  I  scratched a Classic 7 circuit labyrinth in the sand on the beach. Almost as soon as I began to walk it I felt the Silence and the smooth, fluid, automatic sense that All is Well. The first time I walked a labyrinth I found myself in a transcendant state. I am an experienced meditator. I know the feeling of transcendence well. It usually takes me a few minutes to ‘get into it’ when I sit with my eyes closed meditating. On that morning I felt it while walking forward with my eyes open. I was surprised that I could feel this deep sense of calm when I was ‘out’ in the world. I had never transcended so quickly.

I was hooked.

I met Robert Ferre later that year at a Labyrinth Society gathering in Colorado. A few years later he came to North Carolina to make a labyrinth at Kanuga. I asked if I could watch. He said I could watch, but I’d have to work while I did. At the end of that first day he hired me to help for the rest of the project.

I felt that healing, nurturing energy surround me for those days while I worked on that first concrete labyrinth. I knew that that was what I wanted to do.

Now, in 2017, I know it is all I want to do. I still have my labyrinth jewelry hobby. And, making full sized, concrete, universally accessible labyrinths is my main passion.

Give me a call and we’ll talk about the labyrinth you are installing on your property!

Here is my number in North Carolina: +1 828 216 1422

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